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National Libary Week Treasure Hunt Task 2

Need a hint?

  1. There's a famous cipher named after a Roman emperor, or possibly a cheap pizza restaurant.
  2. You might want to give an unlucky number a try.

Full steam ahead

  1. Use the MERLIN Library Catalog to find this book: Gvgnavp : n avtug erzrzorerq
  2. Locate the book's call number.
  3. Send the call number to in an email with the subject linke NLW Treasure Hunt Task 2.
  4. BONUS POINT if you also tell us how this title relates to today's date.


Send an email to your subject librarian. Put "FE 1100 Contest" in the subject line, and briefly introduce yourself in the body. If you complete this step, you'll get information on next week's task.