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National Library Week Treasure Hunt Task 5: Home

Need a hint?

  1. There was a Roman emperor who had a bad day on the Ides of March. While that wasn't a Friday the 13th, today is.
  2. Remember that you can enclose two or more words in quotation marks to search for an exact phrase, like a name.

Mommy dearest

  1. One of the most famous horror movie characters, from a film that's especially relevant today, was Cnzryn Ibbeurrf
  2. Decode that name and then search for it in Summon.
  3. Find the Entertainment Weekly article at the top of the results, then email the title to

Thanks for playing!


Send an email to your subject librarian. Put "FE 1100 Contest" in the subject line, and briefly introduce yourself in the body. If you complete this step, you'll get information on next week's task.