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Mathematics & Statistics

Get It @ MST!

If you're searching for articles in our databases, you'll sometimes see a full-text PDF or HTML icon attached to your search results. When this doesn't happen, there will be a Get It @ MST! button or text link for each result. Clicking it will help you get to the full text.

If the library has a subscription to the resource you need, you'll usually get a link directly to the article. Occasionally you'll only get a link directly to the journal; when that happens, it's helpful to search for the article title on the journal's page.

If the library does not have an online subscription to what you need, you'll get other options. The first set of options are links to search the MERLIN library catalog. Use these links to see if we have what you need in print.

There will also be an Interlibrary Loan option. You can use this if the electronic and print searches fail. Using this link will fill out the interlibrary loan form for you automatically. Submit your request and you should have your article within a few business days. Please note that you do not automatically have an interlibrary loan account. The first time you use the system, you'll have to click the "First Time Users Must Click Here" link to set up your account.

A-Z Electronic Journals search

If you're trying to track down a citation that looks interesting, start with the A-Z journal search on the library's home page. You can search on a journal's title to see if we have electronic access to taht title.

If we do have electronic access, make sure to pay attention to the date range that's listed for the title. Most of our subscriptions only go back to 1996 or 2000, so it's important to check that we have the year you need.

MERLIN Library Catalog

If we don't have the journal you need electronically, you can search the catalog to see if we have it in print. Just click the MERLIN Library Catalog link, then select "Journal, Magazine, Newspaper title begins with" and search on the title of the journal you're looking for.

If we have it in print, click on the title from the search results. Look at the "Lib. Has" line to see what years we own. If we have the year you need, look under "LOCATION" to see what floor it's on and under "CALL #" to get its call number.

Interlibrary Loan

If we don't have what you need electronically or in print, we can probably get it for you through our interlibrary loan service. You can access this through the "Interlibrary Loan" link on the library's home page.

The first time you use interlibrary loan, you'll have to set up an account. Just click the red "First Time Users Must Click Here!" link to get started.

One you're logged in, look under "New Request" and select "Article", then fill in your citation information. Click Submit and your request will be processed. You'll usually get the article within 4-5 business days; when it's ready, you'll get an email and you can log into your account and look under "Electronically Received Articles".