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Nuclear Engineering

Powersearch for Books

Get better results by checking out subject headings! If you find a really good book for your topic, scroll down and see what subject terms are assigned to it; click those to find other closely related books.

Too Much Stuff!

It's highly likely that your result sets are going to be huge and will, initially, contain a lot of irrelevant material. You can fix some of this by using the Limit/Sort Search button after you do your search.

Take a look at all the ways you can limit your search and refine it toward exactly what  you're looking for.

You can also try starting your search on the Advanced Search tab and bake your limiters in from the beginning.

Hint: Limiting Material Type to Books will get rid of a lot of the annoying government document results. You might miss out on some useful ebooks, though, so proceed carefully.

Local Books

To find books available on this campus, just go to the MERLIN Library Catalog and start searching. You can use the default Keyword search if you're looking for books on a topic, or you can choose one of the more specific search types if you're looking for a particular book or books by a particular author.

If your search produces more than one result, you'll see format icons on the left side of the screen. These tell you whether your results are in print or electronic, and whether they're books or some other media. For each result, you'll get a location; this tells you which floor of the library to go to. You'll get a call number, and you'll also get a note on the book's availability. You'll also get a status note; if the book is available, it'll say "NOT CHECKED OUT". If it's not available, you'll be shown the date that it's due to be returned.

UM System Books

If you don't find what you need here, you can easily search all of the University of Missouri system libraries. Just change the "Missouri S&T" dropdown next to your search box to "All MERLIN" and re-do your search.

For books at other UM libraries, the "LOCATION" will be a code for that library instead of a floor of our library. There will be a request button for each of those entries. Click that, log in with your campus email username, select Missour S&T as your pickup location, and submit. Your book should be here in 3-5 business days, all at no charge to you.


If the UM libraries aren't enough, you can search over 60 libraries throughout the state by going to the library homepage and clicking the "MOBIUS Library Catalog" link. You'll again see a "Request" option for each search result. Log in, choose Missouri S&T as your pickup location, and submit; your book will be here in 3-5 business days, again at no charge to you.

Interlibrary Loan

If you're looking for a specific book that isn't available anywhere in MOBIUS, you can try an interlibrary loan request. You can access the interlibrary loan system through the link on the left side of the library's home page. Make sure you click the "First Time Users Must Click Here!" on your first use, since you have to set up an account. Once you're logged in, choose "Book" under "New Request" and provide your citation information. After you submit, our intelribrary loan staff will begin trying to find a copy of the book for you. Be warned that book requests are less successful than article requests, and that it can take well over a week for your book to arrive.