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About SelectedWorks

Managing your works

Your SelectedWorks page showcases your work.

The Library can make this easier for you by creating metadata to make your works more discoverable and by assuring that copyright agreements are followed. In order to do this, it is very important that content first be loaded into Scholars' Mine and then imported into your SelectedWorks page.

To help us start your SelectedWorks page and to keep it up to date, please send us your CV or a list of your works. Additional information is always a plus: a web address, a preprint (a draft that has not yet been peer reviewed for formal publication) or post-print (a digital draft after it has been peer reviewed). In many cases, the publisher's version cannot be placed in Scholars' Mine, but a preprint or post-print is permissible. An article in Scientific American provides more information.

If you received your master's or doctoral degree at S&T, we would like to make your thesis or dissertation available in Scholars' Mine. Please complete a Non-Exclusive Distribution License.

Managing Display Categories

You control how your works are displayed within the given layout and design. To begin we will use the category "Research Works," but you may choose to organize your works by document type (e.g., Journal Articles, Conference Proceedings, Books), by topic (e.g., Ceramic Materials, Metallurgy) or any way that best showcases your works.

To create new categories, use the “Manage Categories” icon. Scroll down to "Add New." To then change the category for an article, hover in the article’s box and click on the pencil icon; that will show a box of “Display Categories;” enter the new category(ies). You may also add a thumbnail to your works.

Managing your Photograph and Biography

If you would like us to create your page, please send a photo; this will ensure that your information rotates among the three faculty members shown in the Author Gallery on your department's page in Scholars' Mine, as shown in the department of Psychological Science.

To schedule a professional portrait, arranged by the Marketing and Communications department, please click here.

Add introductory text describing yourself and your work. You can provide a biography or tell us where to find one from a website. If you prefer not to have descriptive text, please let us know.

You may edit this information at any time.

Managing your About page

You may include information for any or all of the following categories on your About tab:

  • Positions
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Disciplines
  • Research Interests
  • Grants
  • Professional Service and Affiliations
  • Honors and Awards
  • Courses
  • Education
  • Links
  • Contact Information
  • Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google +

We encourage you to give detailed information on your Research Interests. These will be especially important for a new feature offered by bepress, the Expert Gallery. We will have more information about this soon.


Specific disciplines are also important because these are used by bepress to place your works in their Digital Commons Network. More information about this may be found here.

As you can see in the Structural Engineering Commons Missouri S&T is listed among the most popular institutions and the most popular authors, by downloads.

Having full-text works is key here to allow downloads. Next is finding the most appropriate discipline(s) for your work. The full taxonomy of academic disciplines may be downloaded to enable search. If you would like individual submissions included in particular discipline(s), please let us know via and we will edit your work on the Digital Commons side; this will then be reflected on your SelectedWorks page.

If there are additional disciplines you would like to see included in the future, please send suggestions to Please tell us why the new disciplines are necessary, and what discipline they should fall under; we will send your suggestions on to bepress.