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Spring 2017 Textbooks at the Library

These books have some restrictions.

Ebooks on the EBSCO platform can be read in your browser at any time. (Some titles have restrictions on the number of simultaneous readers, however.) To read a book in your browser, click PDF Full Text.

EBSCO books can also be downloaded for up to 21 days and read in a special PDF reader called Adobe Digital Editions. Downloading ebooks on this platform requires you to create a user account; links for creating your account and for downloading Adobe Digital Editions will appear after you click Download this eBook.

EBSCO also allows you to print out several pages as a watermarked, restriction-free PDF during each session. The number of pages you're allowed to print during a session is usually around 100. To print out pages of an EBSCO book, click PDF Full Text and then click the Save Pages option on the right side of the screen.

This list is complete and frozen as of January 10, although we may purchase additional assigned textbooks. If you don't see your book here, search the MERLIN Library Catalog to double check.

EBSCO ebooks

Course number Author Title Instructor
ENGLISH.1120.LEC 1K Weinstock Taking South Park Seriously Wise,Ramsay B
ENGLISH.1120.LEC 1N Weinstock Taking South Park Seriously Wise,Ramsay B
ENGLISH.1221.LEC 1A Jacobs Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl Dolan,Kathryn C
HISTORY.3660.LEC 1A Feng The Three-Inch Golden Lotus Ahmad,Diana L
HISTORY.4001.LEC 1A Moehring Las Vegas: A Centennial History Gragg,Larry Dale