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Curated articles in ECE

Note for contributors

If you would like to recommend an article to add to this collection, please email us  the citation and your annotation. In the body of your email, indicate whether you would like your contribution to be credited by your name or anonymously.

Please limit your submission to articles available at no charge to the Missouri S&T community. These can be articles you accessed through the library website or articles that are freely available online through government websites or other schools' digital repositories. As a rule of thumb, they are acceptable if you can access it from a legitimate source while on campus.

Feel free to contact us at any time if you have any questions or would like clarification.

Sharing the library's best works with you

Want to get up to speed with some of the most useful, most influential, and most interesting articles in a subject? Take a look at these works curated by members of the Missouri S&T community.