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About SelectedWorks

Our Digital Showcase

Providing global access to digital scholarly works of our faculty community

Scholars’ Mine - SelectedWorks promotes, shares and preserves faculty research. Faculty can build an online research profile and make research easily available to others. Online tools notify colleagues of new publications and provide readership and download statistics.  Library professional preservation services and support ensure future availability.

Maximize Readership

  • Higher ranking search results

  • Increase discoverability of works

  • Readers can follow research and learn about newly added works

  • Authors can manage email lists

Showcase Scholarship

  • Encourage readers to explore research via visual interface and multimedia files

  • Customize research interests and areas of expertise

  • Share backgrounds and accomplishments

Measure Impact

  • Interactive author dashboard tool reports on reader activity

  • Readership metrics and tools

  • Share metrics for tenure review and promotion

Support Research Mission

  • Increases campus exposure with global discoverability

  • Highlights faculty and local research

  • Provides consistent, organized, university-branded faculty profiles