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Spring 2021 Textbooks at the Library

These books can be downloaded and kept forever.

These books are available as DRM-free PDFs. Check the other tabs on this page if you're interested in ebooks that are available with some restrictions.

If you don't see your textbook here, you can do a title or author search of the MERLIN Library Catalog to double check whether or not we have the book.

Restriction-free ebooks

Author Title Course number Instructor
Attaway MATLAB: A Practical Introduction . . . COMP_SCI 1972 Zhu, Peizhen
Birge Introduction to Stochastic Programming ENG_MGT 6415 / SYS_ENG 6110 Corns, Steven
Boccara Modeling Complex Systems COMP_ENG 6410 / SYS_ENG 6321 Dagli, Cihan
Boothroyd Product Design for Manufacture and Assembly MECH_ENG 5656 Appelman, Howard
Crittenden MWH's Water Treatment: Principles and Design CIV_ENG 6611 / ENV_ENG 6611 Wang, Jianmin
Cudney Design for Six Sigma ENG_MGT 6710 Jimenez, Jose
Farr Systems Life Cycle Costing SYS_ENG 6103 Yildirim, Gonca
Gini My Job, My Self PHILOS 3235 Epting, Shane
Granger Fluid Mechanics CIV_ENG 3330 Mendoza, Cesar
Hall Advanced Signal Integrity for High-Speed Digital Designs COMP_ENG 5620 / ELEC_ENG 5620 Hwang, Chulsoon
Hattie Visible Learning for Teachers EDUC 1164 Meek, Amanda
Ishii Thermo-Fluid Dynamics of Two-Phase Flow NUC_ENG 4257 / NUC_ENG 5257 Schlegel, Joshua
Lewis Optimal Control ELEC_ENG 6310 Sarangapani, Jagannathan
Parnell Decision Making In Systems Engineering and Management ENG_MGT 2310 Corns, Steven
Patterson Computer Organization and Design COMP_ENG 3110 Choi, Minsu
Peterson Computer Networks COMP_ENG 5410 Sedighsarvestani, Sahra
Roy Principles of Cyber-Physical Systems: An Interdisciplinary Approach COMP_SCI 6001 Das, Sajal
Seiffertt Digital Logic for Computing COMP_ENG 2210 All sections
Shull Nondestructive Evaluation ELEC_ENG 5670 Donnell, Kristen
Wachtman Mechanical Properties of Ceramics CER_ENG 4220 Hilmas, Gregory
Wicks Organic Coatings CHEM 4850 / CHEM 5850 / MS&E 4850 Schuman, Thomas