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Spring 2021 Textbooks at the Library

These books will be on Reserve in the library.

Reserve books can be checked out from the service desk on the first floor of the library. Normally, you can keep the book for two hours; you can now take the books outside the library as long as you return them on time. Additionally, reserve books checked out two hours or less before the library closes can be kept until 9 AM the following day.

If you don't see your textbook here, you can do a title or author search of the MERLIN Library Catalog to double check whether or not we have the book.

Books we have in print

Author Title Call number Course number Instructor
Agarwal Analysis and Performance of Fiber Composites TA418.9.C6 A33 2018 AERO_ENG 5282 / MECH_ENG 5282 Chandrashekhara, K
Alberts Essential Cell Biology QH581.2 E78 2010 BIO_SCI 2213 Shannon, Katie
Alpaydin Machine Learning: The New AI Q325.5 .A47 2016 BUS 5730 Zou, Cui
Anderson Introduction to Flight TL570 .A68 2012 AERO_ENG 2861 Riggins, David
Aron American Confluence F466 .A76 2006 HISTORY 3420 Huber, Patrick
Ashton Individual Differences and Personality BF698.4 .A74 2018 PSYCH 4500 Kueny, Clair Reynolds
Balanis Advanced Engineering Electromagnetics QC760 .B25 2012 ELEC_ENG 6600 Esmaeelpour, Mina
Bank Composites for Construction TA455.P55 B36 2006 ARCH_ENG 5231 / CIV_ENG.5231 Myers, John
Bechtel Nuclides and Isotopes: Chart of the Nuclides QC793.5.N862 .N83 2010 NUC_ENG 1105 Castano, Carlos
Berg Biochemistry Instructor's Copy CHEM 4610 / CHEM 5610 Wang, Risheng
Bergman Fundamentals of Heat and Mass Transfer QC320 .I45 2011 MECH_ENG 3525 Yang, Xiaodong
Bird Transport Phenomena QA929 .B5 2007 CHEM_ENG 6110 Neogi, Parthasakha
Birdsall Plasma Physics via Computer Simulation QC718.4 .B57 1985 AERO_ENG 6001 / MECH_ENG 6001 Han, Daoru
Birge Introduction to Stochastic Programming T57.79 .B57 2011 ENG_MGT 6415 / SYS_ENG 6110 Corns, Steven
Black Degarmo's Materials and Processes in Manufacturing TS183 .D4 2017 MECH_ENG 2653 Meeks, Warner
Blanchard Systems Engineering and Analysis TA168 .B58 2011 SYS_ENG 5101 Pape, Louis
Blank Engineering Economy TA177.4 .B58 2018 SYS_ENG 6103 Yildirim, Gonca
Boas Mathematical Methods in the Physical Sciences QA37.3 .B63 2006 PHYSICS 2401 Peacher, Jerry Lee
Boggs Principles of Sedimentology and Stratigraphy QE571 .B66 2012 GEOLOGY 3620 Obrist Farner, Jonathan
Bowler Making Modern Science Q125 .B678 2005 HISTORY 3530 Sheppard, Kathleen
Brigham Financial Management HG4026 .B669 2017 ENG_MGT 6211 Enke, David
Budyas Shigley's Mechanical Engineering Design TJ230 .S5 2015 (previous edition) MECH_ENG 3708 Nisbett, J. Keith
Cain American Literature Vol. 2 PS507 .A5753 2014 ENGLISH 1222 Brown, Trent / Goldberg, Matthew
Cengel Thermodynamics: An Engineering Approach TJ265 .C43 2015 MECH_ENG 3521 Drallmeier, James
Close Modeling and Analysis of Dynamic Systems QA402 .C53 2002 MECH_ENG 3411 Kumar, Nishant / Krishnamurthy, K
Donald Citizen Soldier: A Life of Harry S. Truman E814 .D66 2012 HISTORY 3420 Huber, Patrick
Dorf Modern Control Systems TJ216 .D67 2016 ELEC_ENG 3320

Acar, Levent

Erickson Plantwide Process Control TP155.75 .E75 1999 CHEM_ENG 5190 / ELEC_ENG 5350 Erickson, Kelvin
Erickson Programmable Logic Controllers TJ223.P76 E75 2016 ELEC_ENG 3340 Erickson, Kelvin
Felder Elementary Principles of Chemical Processes TP155.7 .F44 2005 CHEM_ENG 2100 Okoronkwo, Monday
Glover Power System Analysis and Design TK1005 .G57 2017 ELEC_ENG 3540 Bo, Rui
Griffiths Introduction to Genetic Analysis QH430 .I62 2015 BIO_SCI 2223 Frank, Ronald
Griffiths Introduction to Electrodynamics QC680 .G74 2017 PHYSICS 3211 Peacher, Jerry
Hambley Electrical Engineering TK146 .H22 2018 ELEC_ENG 2800 Shrestha, Bijaya
Harner Technical Marketing Communication T10.5 .H36 2002 ENGLISH 2560 / TCH_COM 2560 Wright, Michael
Headrick Technology: A World History T15 .H42 2009 HISTORY 2510 Schramm, Jeffrey
Hibbeler Engineering Mechanics: Dynamics TA352 .H5 2013 (previous edition) AERO_ENG 2360 / MECH_ENG 2360 Kumar, Nishant
Hibbeler Structural Analysis TA645 .H47 2006 (earlier edition) ARCH_ENG.3201 Zhao, Yi
Hockney Computer Simulation Using Particles QA76.9.C65 H63 1988 AERO_ENG 6001 / MECH_ENG 6001 Han, Daoru
Hogg Probability and Statistical Inference QA273 .H694 2015 STAT 3117 Paige, Robert
Inan Engineering Electromagnetics and Waves QC670 .I52 2015 ELEC_ENG 3600 Huang, Jie / Donnell, Kristen
INCOSE Systems Engineering Handbook TA168 .S97 2015 SYS_ENG 6196 Pape, Louis
Jentschura Advanced Classical Electrodynamics QC631 .J46 2017 PHYSICS 6111 Jentschura, Ulrich
Keohane Markets and the Environment HC79.E5 K422 2016 ECON 4440 / ECON 6440 / MIN_ENG 4523 Fikru, Mahelet
Knight College Physics QC23.2 .K649 2010b PHYSICS 2145 Vojta, Agnes
Larson Project Management: The Managerial Process HD69.P75 G72 2018 (previous edition) ENG_MGT 5320 Berry, Robert
Lencioni The Five Dysfunctions of a Team HD66 .L456 2002 PSYCH 5601 Shank, Daniel
Lindberg The Beginnings of Western Science Q124.95 .L55 1992 HISTORY 3530 Sheppard, Kathleen
Lowman The Ethical Practice of Psychology in Organizations HF5548.8 .F79 2006 PSYCH 5012 Murray, Susan
Markel Technical Communication T11 .M346 2018 ENGLISH 3560 Davis, Carleigh
Mathews Numerical Methods Using MATLAB QA297 .M39 2004 COMP_SCI 3200 Price, Clayton E
Mazidi The AVR Microcontroller and Embedded Systems INSTRUCTOR'S COPY COMP_ENG 3150 Stanley, Ronald
Millar Civil War PABAGR M611ci 2007 ENGLISH 2244 Reardon, Daniel
Morgeson Job and Work Analysis HF5549.5.J6 B65 2020 PSYCH 5700 Stone, Nancy
Morling Research Methods in Psychology BF76.5 .M667 2018 (newer edition) PSYCH 2200 Burns, Devin
Muller Energy for Future Presidents TJ163.2 .M854 2012 CHEM_ENG 4540 / ECON 4540 / ECON 6540 / MIN_ENG 4524 Smith, Joseph
Norton Design of Machinery TJ175 .N58 2012 MECH_ENG 3313 Hutcheson, Ryan
Pacey Technology in World Civilization T15 .P353 1991 HISTORY 2510 Schramm, Jeffrey
Parrish Missouri: The Heart of the Nation F466 .P27 1992 HISTORY 3420 Huber, Patrick
Reif Fundamentals of Statistical and Thermal Physics QC175 .R43 2009 PHYSICS 4311 Wilemski, Gerald
Reynolds Introduction to Applied and Environmental Geophysics QC808.5 .R49 1997 GEOPHYS 5782 / GEO_ENG 5782 / GEO_ENG 6784 Grote, Katherine
Russell Artificial Intelligence QQ335 .R86 2010 COMP_SCI 5400 Morales, Angel Ricardo
Savitch Absolute C++ QA76.73.C153 S279 2016 COMP_SCI 1570 Price, Clayton
Schilling Strategic Management of Technological Innovation HD45 .S3353 2020 IS&T 5251 Nah, Fiona
Schimel Writing Science T11 .S35 2012 ENGLISH 5571 Hercula, Sarah
Schonfeld Occupational Health Psychology HF5548.8 .S3526 2017 PSYCH 5001 Murray, Susan
Seader Separation Process Principles TP156.S45 S364 2016 CHEM_ENG 3131 Al Dahhan, Muthanna
Seborg Process Dynamics and Control TP155 .S35 2017 CHEM_ENG 4110 Smith, Joseph
Seiffertt Digital Logic for Computing Instructor's Copy COMP_ENG 2210 Multiple
Solomons Organic Chemistry QD251.2 .S66 2016 CHEM 2210 Schuman, Thomas
Stallings Data and Computer Communications TK5105 .S73 2014 COMP_ENG 5420 Sedighsarvestani, Sahra
Todreas Nuclear Systems TK9202 .T59 2012 NUC_ENG 4257 / NUC_ENG 5257 Schlegel, Joshua
Walker Prompt and Utter Destruction D767.25.H6 W355 2016 HISTORY 1310 Huber, Patrick
Wight Reinforced Concrete TA683.2 .M34 2016 ARCH_ENG 3220 / CIV_ENG 3220 Multiple