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PowerPoint template

Remember to save in PNG format for the best results!

  • Use the Save As option instead of the regular Save option
  • For Save as type: choose PNG Portable Network Graphics Format

S&T logos and images

Copyright-free images

What are MinerBytes?

MinerBytes are a project of ITRSS and are used for digital signage around campus. You'll see them in the Library, Havener, Norwood, and more! 

Design tips from the masters

Google's design practices have proven both successful and influential, and a guide to the principles is available for free. Check out their Material Design site for ideas, pointers, and best practices.

B Times Three

Be bold!

  • Make sure your font stands out and is easy to read from across a room. Large white text on a colorful background works well.

Be bright!

  • Catch their eye! Choose a pleasant but strong solid background color, or a copyright-free image that will draw the eye without overwhelming the text.

Be brief!

  • Be like a billboard! Your typical viewers will glance at the sign as they walk by. Make sure that they get all the important info before they realize they're reading.

Have a PDF? Make it a PNG!

MinerBytes can handle PDFs, but they don't like it. The Raspberry Pi processors that power the signs are a tradeoff between performance and affordability, so the way they display PDFs can be unsatisfactory. They handle PNGs just fine, though!

If you have a PDF, you can make it more MinerBytes friendly in just three steps:

  1. Open your PDF in Adobe Reader.
  2. Click File > Save As Other > Image > PNG.
  3. Upload your PNG to Imgur

And you're done!

Interested in learning more about MinerBytes?

You can see RSS's info on Minerbytes, and several other cool initiatives, on their Internal Projects page. If you have any questions or comments, send them to us and we'll get the right people in the loop.