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FY20 Library Materials Portfolio Review

Portfolio Review Summary

Dear S&T Community:

Curtis Laws Wilson Library has completed its annual review of the 2019-2020 materials portfolio.

The review is based on the following key factors:

  1. A 5% inflationary cost for our resources.
  2. The library’s GRA allocation.
  3. One-time funds for FY20 from Interim Provost Roberts and the library.
  4. F&A monies through an agreement with Vice Chancellor Tsatsoulis.

The library has identified 26 journals that met the criteria for being canceled due to inflationary pressures, which was a cost per use over $15. The library will cancel one database, JoVE, as well as a monograph series that also met the criteria for cancellation. Details on how the usage data was gathered are below.*

We have provided a spreadsheet detailing the cost per use and projected FY20 costs (see the attached Excel file on the right-hand side of this guide). Please note that for most titles we retain post-cancellation access to the years we subscribed.

Each resource on the cancellation list was carefully considered by the library using a variety of factors, including cost per use, availability of other access such as interlibrary loan, and terms of licenses or consortial agreements.

To appeal a cancellation, each department must respond as a unit through their departmental library liaison, or if there is no department liaison, the department chair. Please send all appeals to Sherry Mahnken at The deadline for submissions is Monday, September 30, 2019, to ensure that all appeals receive due consideration. When submitting appeals, please include details that might help with deliberations. If the department would like to review the portfolio of journals in its area as a whole, please contact your library liaison.

We appreciate your assistance in this process.

Oliver Chen, Dean of the Library

Faculty Senate Library Learning & Resources Committee

*To compile the list of journal titles we looked at subscriptions for journals not currently in a multi-year license. The statistics for online use of materials were retrieved from the publisher or vendor; most of those sources use the same format for providing statistics, which ensures they are comparable.

Portfolio Review Documents