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Tools, kits, and cameras to check out

Don't just use, make!

Build your skills, learn with some hands-on experience, and have a ton of fun with these electronics kits you can check out and take home.

Korg synthesizer


Make you own music by making your own intsrument! This kit contains everything you need to build a working miniature synthesizer. For more info, complete kit contents, and project suggestions and instructions, see the product website.

Loan Period: 3 days

Build your own computer


This kit includes a Raspberry Pi 2 and the accessories you need to make something awesome. A booklet with suggested projects and instructions is included, but you can check out the Kano website for full specs and more ideas.

Loan Period: 3 days

Smart Home Kit from littleBits


Explore the possibilities of Web-enabled home automation with this versatile project kit. Full specs, as well as projects and instructions, are available on the littleBits website.

Loan Period: 3 days

SparkFun Inventor's Kit


Explore hardware and embedded programming with this Arduino-enabled kit. See the product website for full specs and kit contents.

Loan Period: 3 days