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A&OER: Affordable & Open Educational Resources

This guide covers ways to find and create Open Educational Resources

Here's a checklist to help Missouri S&T instructors get started with A&OER.

Before your class

  1. Engage the S&T Store and the Library to discuss low-cost or free options.
  2. Check out the resources available at Missouri S&T.
  3. Explore applying for a UM System Adoption Grant.

During your class

  1. If available, let your students know that the S&T Store can provide low cost print options for most A&OER solutions and that the library may have electronic access to the text book.
  2. Check out some of the workshops on A&OER on the Library events calendar.  

After your class

  1. Continue to let the S&T Store know what you are using every semester so that savings for students and usage can be tracked.
  2. Consider moving further into A&OER by reviewing or creating A&OER.

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