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Text Analysis Pedagogy (TAP) Institute: Home

The TAP Institute offers a FREE series of events and classes for anyone interested in teaching text analysis.

Free Text Analysis Courses!

July 10 - August 11 Only

Do you want the ability to read and understand text-based data? The Text Analysis Pedagogy (TAP) Institute is offering a series of FREE courses designed to help instructors and librarians learn and teach text analysis. The courses are designed to be progressive; you can benefit from taking a single course or an entire series.

Courses include:

  • Python Basics
  • Pandas Basics
  • Pandas Intermediate
  • spaCy 1
  • spaCy 2
  • spaCy 3
  • Finding word meaning through context
  • Web-scraping toolkit
  • Tools for taming text: RegEx and XPath
  • Teaching data literacy

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