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Digitization Services

SCHOLARS' MINE - Digitization Services

Digital Services works with campus departments, alumni, faculty, staff, students, and the local community to provide access to the cultural and historical resources of the Missouri University of Science and Technology and surrounding community through ongoing development, maintenance, and preservation of online digital collections and resources.


Our Services

We will digitize materials that meet our mission statement criteria for free. We will also digitize other materials for a  a nominal fee.

Available services include:

  • Material preparation including document debinding, sorting and classification
  • Digitization of text, images, audio and video
  • PDF conversion including OCR, indexing, table of contents and file compression
  • Digital publishing
  • Photographic prints of item in our collection where copyright allows
  • Metadata creation

The  Library is always interested in potential materials or collections for digitized. All suggestions are welcomed via this form. Selections of materials or collections to digitize will be made in accordance with or Digital Collection Development Policy and will depend on the availability of resources and funding.

Nominate Materials for Digitization



This fee structure is for materials not meeting our mission statement criteria. For other materials discounted services are available for campus units, students, faculty, alumni and other not for profit institutions. All rates are negotiable depending on circumstance and project size .

Document Processing  
   Material Preperation  
      Physical preperation of bound materials including debinding if necessary. (1 hour minimum) $8.00/hour
      Rebinding $10.00/per item
      Other physical preperation $10.00/hour
   Scanning to TIFF Format (50 pages or Less)  
         Bitonall (up to 8.5 x 11) $0.12/page
         Grayscale (up to 8.5 x 11) $0.20/page
         Color (up to 8.5 x 11) $0.30/page
         Maps/Blueprints and other large format items $0.02/square inch
         Jobs over 50 pages Negotiable
      Outsourced scanning will be billed on a cost recovery basis 1.3% of cost
   PDF Conversion  
     OCR and file size optimization only  (50 pages or less) $0.03/page
      Construction of Table of Contents, security and other extended services $14.00/hour
      Jobs over 50 pages Negotiable
Photographic Prints  
   Reproduction of images in our collection   
     Up to 5 x 7 $1.00/image
      8 x 10 $1.50/image
      Oversized images (Greater then 8 x 10)                      $0.02/square inch
Audio and Video  
   Digitization $14.00/hour
Digital Publishing Negotiable
Metadata Creation (Various formats available)  
   Basic metadata transcription to XML (citation information with user provided keywords) $16.00/hour
   Advanced metadata transcription to XML (basic plus LCSH, or other subject thesauri ot taxonomies) $20,00/hour
  CD with copies of digital files          $5.00

Our Collections

Digitized Collections

Curtis Laws Wilson Library


The Rollamo is the Missouri University of Science and Technology's Yearbook. The intent of the the Rollamo is to preserve the events of each academic year and to convey why each year is important and unique. It encompasses every facet of life at Missouri S&T: academics, activities, organizations, sports, and student life beyond the university and is published each summer for distribution in the fall.