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Contemporary Europe - History 3240

Primary Sources - Newspapers

Always keep in mind that primary sources use the language of a particular place and time. Words may be spelled differently, and terms used to refer to events or people may vary from more recent usage.

When searching for information related to an event, use the limits in the database to narrow your search to a particular date or period of time. This will eliminate later material on the same subject from your search results.


Primary and Secondary Sources - Books

To find books in our library and other UM System libraries, search here. Use the "Place Request" link to borrow books from the other libraries.

Search for specific books by author or title, or do a keyword search to find books on a particular topic. Remember to put phrases in quotation marks ("Prague Spring") to search the words together.

Search tip for primary sources: To find primary sources in books, try adding one of the following to your keywords: diaries, personal narratives, documents, sources, oral history, interviews, speeches, and correspondence.

Find even more books by searching the MOBIUS catalog, which contains the holdings of over 60 Missouri libraries. Use the "Request" button to have materials sent to our library.

Books generally take between 2 and 5 business days to arrive from another Missouri library. You will receive an email when they are available to check out.

Primary Sources - Oral Histories

Secondary Sources - Articles

Secondary Sources - Journal Collections

This database is a collection of journals covering many subjects, including history and European studies. Pro tip: To get fewer results, use the Advanced Search to select specific subject journal collections to search rather than searching the entire database.

Primary and Secondary Sources - Films