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Houses for ArcE2803/ArcE3203

Places to Look

All the books mentioned in this guide are located at the service desk, on the first floor of the library. Just ask at the front desk and we will help you check them out.

Some (Key Houses of the Twentieth Century, etc.) come with CDs and CAD drawings. 

What about other houses?

First, Google the provided house name with the architect's last name to see if there are any common variants.

Next, look in the Key Houses of the Twentieth Century/Key Buildings of the Twentieth Century books. Check the indexes of each book for both the house name, architect's name, and common variants. For many of these, we'll also have the CAD drawings on the CD that comes with the book. Look in the index at the back of the book for a list of those houses that appear as files on the CD. 

For info on the architect, and to find house info if all else fails, do a keyword search on the architect's name.

Houses We've Seen in the Past

Villa Stein

Key Houses of the Twentieth Century

Maison Citrohan / Citrohan House

There are two of these, and they're probably called Weissenhof houses.
  -Double house: Oeuvre Complete 1910-1929
    Also in The Modern House, FRS Yorke
  -Single house (single house)--Weissenhof House in Key Houses #18
    Also in The Modern House, FRS Yorke

Fire Station #4

Precedents in Architecture, look in the ebook or the print copy
There are also decent plans in "2 New Buildings by Venturi and Rauch." Progressive Architecture 49 (Nov 1968):118-125.

Villas La Roche

Key Houses #13

Villa Savoye

Key Houses #30

Hanselmann House (Michael Graves)

Key Houses #63

Jacobs House

 Key Houses #35


Key Houses #36

Centre le Corbusier

Le Corbusier: Last Works
Also in "Centre le Corbusier". Arkitektens Forlag 11.6 (1967): 241-255.

Trubek and Wislocki

Small but good plans in The Architecture of Robert Venturi, Mead

Vanna Venturi House

Also called the Chestnut Hill House
Key Houses #61

Atelier Ozenfant

Also called Maison Ozenfant or Maison-Atelier du Amedee Ozenfant. 
Images of the plans (without dimensions) in Le Corbusier, Le Grand (p. 137). 
3-D model at 3D Warehouse. 
Plans, drawings at 

Smith House

Richard Meier Houses

Solar Umbrella House

search Avery, Pugh + Scarpa: Solar Umbrella House (Ume20, p 46-51, 2006)

Mountain Tree House

Detail in contemporary residential architecture, McLeod