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Scholars' Mine

The Institutional Repository for the Missouri University of Science and Technology

Benefits of Scholars' Mine

Benefits for Faculty

Increases the impact of your scholarship

  • Increases the visibility and access to your work globally
  • Improves rankings for your articles in Google and Google Scholar
  • Readers can follow your research and learn about newly added work
  • Provides opportunities for collaboration
  • Makes articles published in multiple journals available in a single location

Showcases your scholarship with customizable profiles

  • Visual interface and multimedia files encourage readers to explore your research
  • Provides customizable research interests and areas of expertise
  • You can Share your unique background and accomplishments

Manage and preserve you work

  • Aggregates all your work in a single location
  • Enables you to comply to copyright law and publisher policy
  • Ensure the preservation, readability and access to your work into the future
  • Gives you the ability to manage contact list of those interested in your research 

Increase the availability of hard-to-access scholarship

  • Enables you to share hard-to-access scholarship such as conference presentations, exhibits, posters and performances
  • Increase access to unpublished works such as technical reports, white papers and other unpublished materials

Measure your readership

  • Provides robust readership metrics with monthly author reports
  • Author dashboards present readership statistics graphically and in greater detail
  • Enables the the Sharing of metrics for tenure review and promotion

Professional Curation

  • Library services to make you scholarship discoverable and secure now, tomorrow, and into the future
    • Metadata management
    • Copyright and licensing support 
    • Research data management support
    • Access control 
    • Persistent URLs
    • Digital Publication Services
  • Fully hosted: no IT resources or support required
  • Secure cloud storage with multiple back-ups and quarterly archives

Benefits for the Student

Increases the impact of your scholarship

  • Makes research available to potential employers
  • Gives you access to the past works of other students
  • Provides a stable online home for you work, even after you graduate
  • Increases the visibility and access to your work globally
  • Provides opportunities for collaboration

Publication opportunities

  • Graduate students publish their theses or dissertation in Scholars' Mine
  • Graduate and undergraduate students can publish articles in digital journals hosted in Scholars' Mine
  • Opportunities exist for the digital display of art and other works

Benefits for the Institution

Supports the institutions research mission

  • Increases the exposure of our faculties scholarship and promotes research opportunities globally
  • Provides access to our research in a single location, offering opportunities for branding
  • Promotes the accomplishments of our faculty and students to potential employees and students
  • Enables collaboration and learning

Manage and preserve the scholarship of the institution

  • Aggregates all the institutional research in a single location
  • Enables the institution to comply with copyright law and publisher policy
  • Ensure preservation, readability and access into the future

Increase the availability of hard-to-access scholarship

  • Share hard-to-access institutional scholarship such as conference presentations, exhibits amd performances
  • Increase accessibility of institutional technical reports, white papers and student research

Celebrates and preserves campus culture and life

  • Serves as a platform for art exhibits and other student activities
  • Provides access to yearbooks and other collections of campus activities
  • Hosts special collection of materials important to campus history and life

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