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Scholars' Mine

The Institutional Repository for the Missouri University of Science and Technology

Our Digital Showcase

Providing digital global access to scholarly and cultural resources created by our campus community.

Scholars’ Mine is the institutional repository for the Missouri University of Science and Technology. Scholars' Mine provides digital access to the scholarly and cultural resources created by the university community.

Our Resources

PUBLISHED RESEARCH - Missouri S&T faculty are researchers, teachers and leaders in their field and they work in a world where scholarship is increasingly digital. Scholars’ Mine both shares and increases the impact of the full range of faculty scholarship, from primary materials and research datasets to teaching tools and working papers. Faculty and the institution benefit when research gets noticed.

LIBRARY-CURATED FACULTY PROFILES - In a digital world, an online scholarly presence is crucial. With Scholars’ Mine the library supports faculty in building professional online reputations with library-curated, institutional-branded profiles.  Faculty can share anything from published articles to videos—and see the impact of their work using readership metrics and  who is following their work using the Author Dashboard.

RESEARCH DATA - Scholars’ Mine is a comprehensive hosted solution for storing, managing and sharing data. Scholars’ Mine provides unlimited storage, authorization and access-control tools, and supports all file types and formats.  Multiple display options and persistent URLs ensure discoverability and data curation now and into the future. 

SCHOLARLY JOURNALS, BOOKS AND CONFERENCE PROCEEDINGS - Commercial publishers are reluctant to launch journals and publish books or conference proceedings in new or emerging fields. Scholars’ Mine enables faculty to spearhead new online open-access journals in their disciplines by providing a complete publication platform including submission, peer-review and editorial management.

STUDENT RESEARCH & CREATIVE WORKS - Student research is discovered, disseminated, and cited around the world, increasing the impact of the research for both the student and campus.

TEACHING & LEARNING RESOURCES - Teaching materials are an important, and often overlooked, component of faculty’s academic legacy. Scholars’ Mine ensures that legacy is preserved in an attractive, discoverable place.

CAMPUS CULTURAL MATERIALS - Scholars' Mine enhances the discovery, display and access to materials relating to campus culture such as yearbooks, events, art exhibits and much more. 

Our Services

INSTITUTIONAL REPOSITORY - Scholars' Mine provides digital global access to the scholarly and cultural resources created by our campus community. Our staff regularly monitor the most popular publication resources for new research and creative work by our own faculty. When a work is located, it is added to the repository along with descriptive information which will enable it to be easily located by internet users. Our staff also ensures that all copyright and publishers' licensing agreements are followed. Faculty may also submit their own work to and our staff will review it and add descriptive information if needed.
FACULTY PROFILES - An online presence is crucial for our faculty and researchers. Scholars' Mine Staff create an online profile for each faculty author featuring their body of work along with a brief bio, their research interests and other information. Faculty have the option to monitor readership of their work, communicate with their readers and update their profiles.
ePUBLISHING - Scholars’ Mine enables faculty, students and others to create and manage online journals, books and conference proceedings. Complete publication services are available including online submission, peer-review and editorial management. Scholars' Mine is an excellent alternative to expensive commercial publishers and our staff is available to assist you.
RESEARCH DATA HOSTING AND CURATION - Providing access to research data is increasingly important. Scholars' Mine supports all file types and formats and has unlimited storage capacity. Our staff is available to help you define you research data needs and ensure that you data is secured for the future.

Our Mission

In support of scholarship and research Scholars’ Mine, the institutional repository of Missouri University of Science and Technology (Missouri S&T), will:

  • Contribute to the advancement of knowledge and the betterment of society by acquiring, organizing, preserving and providing scholars and researchers global access to the research and educational and cultural resources of Missouri S&T.
  • Support cross-disciplinary collaboration and the multidisciplinary and organizational needs of Missouri S&T by building active communities of researchers and scholars and integrating Scholars’ Mine into the research and educational endeavors of the campus.
  • Support the professional development and research endeavors of our faculty and students by providing a rich and interactive environment where their research and academic achievements can be developed and made easily accessible to scholars and researchers worldwide.
  • Create global visibility for Missouri S&T by highlighting the institution’s research endeavors and culture.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be an active participant in the creation of new knowledge through integration with research and scholarship activities, and to create and support communities of researchers and scholars.

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