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Scholars' Mine

The Institutional Repository for the Missouri University of Science and Technology

About Faculty Author Profiles

Scholars’ Mine promotes, shares and preserves faculty research. Faculty have an online research profile which makes research easily available to others. Online tools notify colleagues of new publications and provide readership and download statistics.  Library professional preservation services and support ensure future availability.

Maximize Your Readership

Scholarship in Scholars' Mine ranks high in search results and is easily found by your peers. Simple follow features let readers know about your newly added content.

Showcase Your Scholarship

Multimedia files and visual interface encourage readers to explore research. Showcase your areas of expertise with custom categories. Share your scholarly background and accomplishments

Measure Your Impact

Interactive author dashboard lets you learn more about your readers and share readership metrics for tenure review, promotion and more.

Keep Your Profile Current

To update your profile page in SelectedWorks, just send us your updated CV or a list of your works. Consider including additional information such as:

  • web addresses of other pages containing a list of your work
  • preprints (drafts of articles that have not yet been peer reviewed for formal publication)
  • post-prints/accepted manuscripts (drafts of articles after they have been peer reviewed)
  • biographical information
  • your educational background
  • a photograph of yourself
  • research interest and disciplines
  • researcher IDs such as ORCID
  • grants you have received
  • courses you have taught
  • honors and awards
  • professional services and affiliations
  • past employment positions
  • current contact information
  • social media such as Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, etc.

 Send the information to or call extension 7910.

In some cases, the publisher's version of your work cannot be placed in Scholars' Mine but a preprint or post-print/accepted manuscript is permissible. An article in Scientific American provides more information about this.

The Library will use the information you provide to update your faculty profile. You may be contacted about the categories you wish your research to be grouped in and how best to describe your research interests. You will have the option to manage and edit your profile or allow the library to manage it for you.  Your profile belongs to you even if you leave Missouri S&T.


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