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Photo Gallery for "On A Miner Note: Musical Miners and Missouri Sounds"

Poster 2.

Western Conservatory of Music

The Western Conservatory of Music was founded in Rolla in 1882 by Prof. Douthat.In 1883 he handed over the reins to E. Homer Scott, along with Clara Sears.

Professor Robert Douthat

MSM professor, and founder of the Western Conservatory of Music.

Goettleman building

Second home to the Western Conservatory of Music in Rolla, MO.

Index to Goettlemann building photo.

E. Homer Scott

E. Homer Scott (1858-1925) became director of the Western Conservatory of Music in 1883 and was responsible for its multiple relocations. The family moved to Rolla in 1871. Homer, John, and Luella Scott were all musically inclined and were all associated with the Conservatory at various times.

Clara Sears

Vocal music instructor for the Western Conservatory of Music.

Tintype of three musicians in Civil War garb, includes John Walter Scott.

John Walter Scott (1870-1950)

John Walter Scott, Rolla druggist, formed and led the campus MSM ROTC band for many years. He's shown here in the middle, between E. Bishop and R. Phillips. He also formed the Rolla Town Band, symphony orchestra, and cornet band.

John W. Scott

Photo from 1888.

Professor Clair Mann

University of Missouri Professor Clair Mann

Professor Clair Mann (July 2, 1864–July 29, 1935) was a Civil Engineering instructor, education researcher, amateur historian, founder of the Phelps County Historical Society, AND a composer.

First Grand Concert by the Rolla Symphony Orchestra, October 19, 1908

In addition to his other endeavours, John Scott was a piano dealer.

Wallace K. Daetwyler

Symphony Orchestra performing at the Shaw Opera House in the Grant Hotel in 1910, led by John W. Scott.

Image from SHSMO collection R0453

Rolla Town Band, under direction of John W. Scott.

On Pine Street, Rolla, MO.

St. James Marching Band

May 20, 1912, St. James, MO marching band.

St. James Band

Rolla High School Marching Band.

Event at Rolla High School.

Rolla High School band.


Rolla High School "Hungry Seven."

Rolla High School 'Hungry Seven' band

Shown driving past Scott Drugs on Pine and 8th Streets, Rolla, MO

Rolla Music Club, 1947

Image from collection R:3/3/5 Clair V. Mann.

1909 MSM Orchestra

Image from 1909 Rollamo.

1909 Orchestra

1910 MSM Mandolin Club

Image from collection R:14/109/1 Benjamin Cody

MSM student Ben Cody and friend

Image from collection R:14/109/1 Benjamin Cody.

MSM Glee Club

Image from 1922 Rollamo.

1926 Orchestra

Image from 1926 Rollamo.

MSM ROTC Band under direction of John W. Scott.

1940s, outside Scott Drugs on 8th at Pine.

Article about invitation to the 1964 World's Fair for UMR ROTC Marching Band.

Image from Missouri Miner 1965 Mar 19 issue.

1964 World's Fair

The UMR-ROTC Band received an invitation to perform at the 1964 World's Fair in New York, and performed six concerts over 3 days April 30-May 2, 1965.

Missouri S&T Marching Band

Homecoming parade.

Celebration of Nations

Missouri S&T Marching Band.

Missosuri S&T ORchestra concert

Radio station mascot, Snap Man. Musical note with limbs

Campus radio

KMSM, KMFA, KMNR... the campus radio station has had several different call signs. You can check them out at

KMSM station schedule

The very first radio station schedule for KMSM. The station started Jan 2, 1964.

New radio station KMSM 1964

Image from 1964 Rollamo.


Image from 1964 Rollamo.

Radio Station KMNR 2004

Holocaust Survivor Eva Unterman and her parents


RadiOzark Enterprises, Inc. radio production company formed in the 1940s. Operated out of the KWTO radio station in Springfield, MO starting in 1943.


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