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Online Education : Finding Articles

This guide is intended to make the library website easier to understand and use for distance education students.

Article Search Basics

  • UM Library Catalog
    • The catalog is an integrated search of books, e-books, articles, newspapers, and more

In order to search for articles, you should open the Advanced Search and click "Full Text Online" in order to ensure that you will find full text articles. It is also helpful to click, "Missouri S&T items only" if you want to check for S&T access first. As our library catalog is connected with the other libraries in the UM system, you will often find that items at S&T do not usually pop up first. However, if we do not have access to the item at S&T, you may still be able to request them through the other UM system libraries, so turning off that search filter will allow you to continue to search for the item at the other three libraries.

It is recommended that you save relevant sources by clicking on the folder icon next to a relevant item. This will save your item into your Catalog Library account, which you can reference later. You can then email or print these items.

  • MOBIUS Catalog
    • MOBIUS allows you to search resources at connected libraries across Missouri. You are able to request items from these libraries. This is important to know because if you live close to one or more of these libraries, you are able to drop off returns physically at the libraries rather than shipping them back.


Library Guides

Library guides are curated collections and lists of resources that are highly recommended to use when you are doing research within a certain field. For example, if you are a student in Engineering Management, the library has an Engineering Management guide that will list the most relevant databases and other resources to look for articles. You can search through the Library Guides page in order to find the guide associated to your major or field of work.

Databases & E-Journals

The quickest way to find articles is to search through appropriate databases, which is what those curated library guides help you find. You can find the complete list of databases here.

Databases hold subscriptions to e-journals, which is where articles reside. However, you can search through our e-journals directly here, if you do know a specific journal that you are interested in.

Digital Repository (Scholar's Mine)

Scholars' Mine is a digital platform created by the Missouri University of Science and Technology, where faculty, staff, and students from the university share their scholarly and creative work. It offers a diverse range of materials, including research papers, articles, and creative projects. Additionally, Scholars' Mine hosts a series called "Intersections," featuring interdisciplinary panel discussions on various current topics. It's not just about recent work, though; the repository also provides access to historical collections such as yearbooks.

 Scholar's Mine will likely be the place you will go when you are asked to search for theses and dissertations.