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Nonavitra Visualization Wall

Reporting a Problem

Assistance is available.

  • IT Help Desk (located in the Curtis Laws Wilson Library)

Hours of Operation:

Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Closed Weekends

  • The Library Service Desk is open during all hours of operation. 

Optimize PowerPoint

 The "Template" file provides a lay-out guide for creating your own PowerPoint presentations that take advantage of the size of the visualization wall. 


What are the uses of Nonavitra?

High resolution content (4K or greater) will be impressively displayed on the visualization wall.  Some other ideal uses: 

  • Design meetings. (SolidWorks, NX, AutoCAD, Inventor, Eagle, etc.)
  • Informational meetings. (Open Office supports multi-monitor slide shows)
  • Research Meetings. (Multiple information sets displayed in high resolution for attendees to discuss)
  • Large Dataset visualization (Paraview, Visit)

So, no movies?

Sorry about that. Even standard HD Video will look very pixelated on this display.  The video needs to be a minimum of 4k resolution to look decent on the display.

What is the procedure for Video Conferencing?  My adviser/collaborator/team member is in California.

A web cam has not been included in the build so video chat is not possible at the moment.

Why is my PowerPoint presentation not fitting on the visualization space properly? 

The resolution setting may need to be changed.  The 16:9 resolution is the optimal PowerPoint setting when using Nonavitra.

How do I change the resolution setting of my presentation? 

In the PowerPoint Design Tab and choose Page Setup.  At first dropdown menu, select  screen show (16:9) .  Creating your presentation in the 16:9 setting is ideal and  changing your original PowerPoint  once created to the 16:9 resolution may require some content adjustments for the optimal screen fit.   












I see a camera up in the corner.  What is that for? 

The camera is for troubleshooting display problems only.  No staff member in the Library has access to the video. 


Nonavitra is Latin-ish for nine glasses.