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Nonavitra Visualization Wall

Optimize PowerPoint

 The "Template" file provides a lay-out guide for creating your own PowerPoint presentations that take advantage of the size of the visualization wall. 

Content Ideas


Looking for ideas? See examples from a variety of visualization projects.

  • A series of maps were optimized for viewing on the visualization wall at Georgia State Petit Science Center. Watch a video about the project. 
  • NASA's Scientific Visualization Studio, with hundreds of images and presentations designed for large scale presentation.
  • View the Gawain manuscript,  wall-sized, high resolution images of manuscripts for side-by-side comparison.
  • Researchers study viral capsids in high resolution, large-scale display.
  • GigaPans are gigapixel images or panoramas.    Displayed on Nonavitra, a gigapixel image allows zooms of large size and great detail.