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Art in the Library Committee

Science will...produce the data...but never the full meaning. For perceiving real significance, we shall need... most of all the brains of poets, (and) also those of artists, musicians, philosophers, historians, writers in general. - Lewis Thomas

Curtis Laws Wilson Library serves as a center for learning and cultural enrichment for the Missouri University of Science and Technology. The exhibition of art, film and other cultural and historical artifacts relating to the campus and surrounding community is important to the cultural enrichment and education of our students, campus employees and our local community.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a strategic focus and purpose for the library as a place for cultural enrichment and education by planning, managing and coordinating all aspects of the display and exhibition of artwork, historical artifacts and other cultural exhibits within the library. This includes:

  1. Planning and management of a juried student art exhibit to be held each fall and spring semester.
  2. Planning and management of other exhibitions.
  3. Management of all display and exhibition spaces.
  4. Coordination with the campus art committee, other campus units and the local community.
  5. Acquiring necessary funding.
  6. Maintaining an accessible digital archive of each exhibition and the activities of the committee.


The committee reports to the Library Director and is led by a committee chair appointed from among the library staff by the Library Director. The committee shall choose from it's membership a secretary to keep official minutes of meetings and to perform other duties agreed to by the committee.


Membership consists of 2 librarians and one library staff member, one or two library student employees, one faculty member from Art and Film and one campus at large representative. The Library Director invites members and appoints the chair from among the library committee members.

The Committee Roster for the Academic Year 2016 - 2017