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A web-based faculty activity reporting system.

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Quick Evaluation Reference

In accordance with CRR 310.015 Procedures for Review of Faculty Performance all Tenured, Tenure-Track, and Ranked NTT Faculty with active myVITA accounts, their Supervisors, and their Deans participate in the annual evaluation. The faculty member’s responsibility is to update myVITA. Evaluators than review faculty information in myVITA and within my myVITA complete the Faculty Workload Distribution Form and Annual Evaluation form. Evaluators also meet with faculty as required. Deans follow the process to evaluate Chairs. 

What is the evaluation process?

  • Faculty member enters activity information and associated documents into myVITA (done throughout the year)
  • Evaluator reviews myVITA materials and provides ratings and comments
  • Evaluator conducts meetings with faculty as needed/required throughout the process
  • Faculty member responds to evaluation results

The Quick Evaluation Reference section of this Library Guide is designed to provide more detailed guidance on using myVITA. Each page in the Quick Reference section covers a specific area of myVITA. Additional guidance and instruction is available in the Tutorials. If your question is not addressed here please contact us using the options available in the Help section.