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A web-based faculty activity reporting system.


Log in to MyVitaThe University of Missouri uses myVITA, a web-based faculty activity reporting system, to provide faculty members at all four campuses with an easy way to capture their research, teaching, service, scholarship and creative activities in one place. 

Why change?

With myVITA, you will have a better experience with ease of use, consistent reporting, and additional categories for discipline-specific achievements. MyVITA provides a greater range of benefits by allowing you to generate a CV that can be used for promotions, tenure reviews, and academic program reviews, customized for individual faculty needs. The new system will help make faculty contributions more visible to the internal campus and the off-campus community.

What about the information in FAS?

FAS was the Faculty Accomplishment System used prior to MyVITA. All FAS information has been moved to allow a user-friendly transition into myVITA. The project team and the developers have worked to allow for a behind-the-scenes move of nearly 900,000 rows of data into the new system. Faculty will find their FAS information is already loaded into the categories into sections of myVITA. 

What is currently in myVITA?

Currently, with no interaction from you, myVITA already has your biographical and demographic information – such as your office address and current position.

What is the difference between MyVITA and Scholars' Mine?

MyVita is a system wide solution used to document faculty achievement.  Information within MyVITA will be used for reporting and administrative purposes. MyVITA can also be used to to create custom curriculim vitae and other reports useful to faculty. Scholars' Mine is the institutional repository for the Missouri University of Science and Technology.  Scholars' Mine is not an internal reporting tool. Scholars' Mine provides digital access to faculty research and creative works of this campus by making research globally visible.  

How do I access MyVITA?

You cam click the button on the right hand side of this page or enter: into your browser's address bar. You can also access MyVITA from the Welcome to myVITA system page at: or from the Missouri S&T Office of the Provost page at:

MyVITA authenticates with your University user name and password. The recommended browsers for myVITA are Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Safari. Internet Explorer is not recommended because of issues with functionality and display. Please set your browser to accept pop-ups from the myVITA site to ensure an optimal experience.

CAUTION: When navigating in myVITA, please do not use the back, forward or refresh browser buttons as this could cause errors and may result in a loss of data. Use the navigation within myVITA to ensure smooth transitions between pages.