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Understanding and using the reference manager from Elsevier.

Install MS Word Plugin

To install the MS Word plugin, go to "Tools" in Mendeley Desktop:

When installed the plugin will appear as below in Word:

You may have to restart Microsoft Word for the new installation to appear.

Generating Citations with MS Word

Video courtesy of the University of Guelph Library

Learn more about Mendeley's Cite-O-Matic

Other Ways to Cite

If you don't want to install the MS Word Mendeley plugin, you can cite using just MS Word and your Mendeley Web Library:

Choose a Citation Style

On Mendeley Desktop:

Click "View" → "Citation Style" → "More Styles" to see and select all installed citation styles.

If you don't see the one you need, click "Get More Styles." You can search for the one you need for your work.

Advanced: The Citation Style Editor

Start editing your own citation styles with the open source Citation Style Editor. To get started we recommend this tutorial.

CSL also allows you to search by example of style, if you come across a new citation and you're not sure what style it's using.